DIY Afternoon Tea!

Tea party's I totally lived for as a child. I would sit surrounded by my dolls and teddy bears and friends eating all sorts of delicious cream cakes and finger sandwiches. It was incredible, and this year I decided to put a slight twist on the idea in order to create a more sophisticated afternoon tea to celebrate my birthday! Here is how you can do it yourself:

Step 1 - Details

Firstly, you need to decide on the initial details. The thing I approached at the beginning was the location. Many hotels and cafe's do their own versions of this and it can be very sweet and affordable depending on where you look. After emailing many places, I came to the conclusion it would be best to throw it in my own home. Another big thing is deciding on the guests and when they will be arriving. 

Step 2 - Invites (optional)

An optional step is invites. If you want to be super formal, then there are many companies you can pay to create them. Seen as my little afternoon tea was more of a posh get together, I didn't really think 4 people justified a ton of expensive invites, and seen as it can be nice to make your own that's the route I went down. 

Step 3 - Food

Food. Food. Food. Essentially all you need for the perfect tea party. You could make your own if you find yourself being quite gifted in the culinary department, or if you prefer (like me) you can order from somewhere that sells nice party food such as M&S or Waitrose. If all else fails don't be afraid of Sainsbury's either.

Step 4 - Drink

Think lemonade, pink milk (shameless Peppa pig reference), or perhaps if you are feeling feisty than some light alcohol. I'm thinking Pimms, bucks fizz, prosecco (ok maybe not so light but hey if you have something to celebrate then go ahead). 

Step 5 - Table Decoration (kind of optional)

MY FAVE PART. Not to blow my own trumpet, but I feel like I excel in this department. My tea party went down a floral route, and it all began with a bright blue table cloth, which sounds a bit gross but trust me it's nicer in person. Then some floral paper plates, some rosy napkins to match and some little vintage milk bottles. Also if you are of a consenting age, then perhaps some wine glasses may be necessary too. Finish with some flowers to match and there you have it -a totally pinterest table. 

Step 6 -  Party Bags (totally optional)

I wanted to create a twist on the typical cheap things you have after a party at a play barn when you were 5. Usually they come with a slice of cake that's a bit messy because it's wrapped up in a napkin, a couple cheap toys and some haribo, 5 year old me would have being over the moon with that, but    this time I wanted something that screamed teen girls. Hence why I went for personalised Candles, cute little bath bombs, little baby lips lip balms and a mini exfoliator. You can adapt this to your audience by the way,  for example if you have a boyish shindig then you may want to switch from bath bombs, to socks or something. I'm sorry, I'm really crap at looking for boys gifts. I even added some personalised chocolates!

Candy Bar!

One idea I followed through with was a mini candy bar. I began by purchasing some little sweet jars of different sizes on the internet. This may be panning out to be an expensive ordeal but I promise a lot of this stuff is optional and also can be very cheap if you look hard enough. I then filled them with Strawberry Laces, marshmellows, fudge, and all things nice like that. Don't forget the little pick and mix bags and some tongs and a kind of sweet shop shovel (not sure that's the term for it but you get my drift). 


  1. Love this post! I swear your post get better EVERYTIME��❤️

    1. Aw thank you so much, and thanks for coming too! xx

  2. No PROBS thanks for inviting me😂❤️

  3. Wow this is so cool! You sound like a fab host, it's all so pretty!!

  4. I loooove tea! Too bad it's not big here in Spain, nobody would come if I hosted a tea party... You seem an amazing host! | Acqua xx

    1. Aw haha, if i lived in Spain I sure would come! Thank you xxx

  5. Looks like you planned the party out really well,I love the twist you put on the usual party bags!Happy belated birthday lovely xx