My future...

Ah, the future. What I hope to be all things bright and beautiful, and fear will be frightening and dark. Starting from little goals, and branching out to much bigger ambitions, here are some of my goals for the future! 

-experiment more with my hair,use less heat, and try new things
-become more artistic with my makeup, and experiment with different colours 
-be less afraid to express myself through outfit, hair and makeup choices 
-go out more
-be less lazy
-wake up earlier
-don't skip meals
-concentrate more in school
-revise for tests more effectively (or just actually revise)
-eat healthier
-more pamper evenings
-start a you tube channel
-go running more
-exercise more on a whole
-don't be afraid to go out in the rain
-write more blog posts and continue blogging
-see friends more and perform good deeds more often
-pass exams and tests and work a little harder academically 
-pass my gcse's and other exams
-help the mentally ill
-be busy often
-have a nice house and family
-own a gerbil (I really want one seriously)
-own another dog (they are too cute and my dog is lonely)
-re decorate my room
-become a minimalist 
-get a degree in Psychology 
-look after the elderly, the sick, and the less fortunate 
-be more brave and take risks
-be more grateful for what I have
-pay more compliments
-suprise people with nice things (not things that are ££££££, just cute little things now and then to show  I care)
-enjoy the outdoors
-take my dog for a walk
-stroke a cat (never have I ever stroked a cat, and I no longer believe in being 'a dog person'. They are cute. I want to stroke one)
-be one with nature
-become more carefree
-laugh more and be happy

So they are some of my goals, some big, and some small. This post is in collaboration with Beth May, so please don't forget to check out her version of this post because her blog is seriously incredible! As always, thanks so much for reading and I hope you liked it!


  1. Lovely lovely post. I loved collabing with you! Xx

  2. Great goals! I think there are too many though, because you can get overwhelmed and feel lost :) Maybe you should start by a shorter list and keep adding! They are a good amount of goals to get to on the long run, but maybe it's more difficult to get there if you don't focus on a smaller amount! | Acqua xx

    1. Thank you so much, that's a great idea and I was thinking the same thing because it is a little overwhelming! xx

  3. Aww lovely post! I agree with the one about revising for tests more effectively ha ha! I can't believe you have never stroked a cat , I think they are softer than dogs but I do still prefer dogs (my little pug is the love of my life :D ) X


    1. Aw hehe, I'm so jealous you have a Pug they are too cute! xx

  4. I am doing psychology at GCSE! So a degree in psychology sounds like so much work, but if you have your heart set on it, then you will achieve it!
    Amy xx

    1. Aww it really does seem like a lot, thanks for the advice and good luck to you with the GSCE too! xx